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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Month of Attendance

September 8, 2015

WOW this week. FULL of miracles. honestly I can´t believe it. oh but transfers!
I´m in VERSALLES now, finishing the training of Hermana JACQUES!!!! wooo hoo. I know its going to be an adventura.

But back in Congreso, Rosa-(foto)- una jovencita con 4 hijos. We have been teaching her and she has been excited to start her life over because she recently moved to congreso, and it is perfect timing to accept the gospel and make some changes in her life. But when we went to the appointment Thursday she forgot that we were coming, didn´t read the book of mormon, and said that she was going to move. and it was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and I wanted to cry, because I just love this girl so much and I know that the gospel is the best thing she can do for her kids. In her house they don´t even have chairs or a table. Their fruit is on the ground in a corner of her house. and I talked to mission leader and I carried a chair all the way to her house (15 blocks) to give her. So I was pretty heartbroken when I saw she wasn´t going to progress. And we stopped by Saturday to invite her to church but I had already lost hope. Sunday morning we did divisions with some members to pass by for all the people that we arranged to go to church. and no one that I went for could come -.- so we went to the church. it starts at 9:30 and I was looking around to see my companion but she wasn´t there!!! and she only has a month of being missionary and still doesn´t know the area that well and I started to get really nervous at 10am. but after the sacrament she came in with A WHOLE PARADE OF INVESTIGATORS. seriously. Rosa and her four kids came, and two others. In testimony meeting (it was my last sunday) and David went up and talked about his life before and then how two angels came to his house and everything changed when he got baptized. It was so sweet to hear, and Rosa commented about it later when we asked how she felt about baptism. BUT ROSA LOVED LOVED THE CHURCH. her kids LOVED primary. and in Relief Society they talked about how to raise kids and all about the family and she really liked it. When we visited her monday she said "we´re going to go every sunday" and she was sooooooooooooooooo happy. She found a job and her kids were really well behaved, and just so many blessings after going to the church. She was so happy. Seriously you should have seen the light, and it was so different than the depression before. We set another appointment and she said that she is going to cook dinner (peruvian food!!!!) for the appoinment. We told her that we´re going to bring a table to her apartment because some members have been looking for furniture for her! I´M SO HAPPY. but a little sad that I can´t watch her get baptized (or eat her cooking haha). But seriously, I totally thought she was a lost cause, but the church changed everything.

September is month of attendence! and we are really trying to focus on getting people to church!
in relief society people kept pulling us out because more investigators arrived and were looking for us. it happened twice. AND ANOTHER investigator came with a menos activa and I didn´t even know that she came until after the three hours of church! we had a ton a people!  Melody-the convert has had such fire. two weeks ago she brought a friend to church. and this week she brought two different friends. I´m hoping that next week she´ll bring three haha!

Crazy story---- we went to the farewell of the missionaries, but its about an hour and a half by train, so the last day of transfers you can get back to the apartment later, because it takes time to travel from the despedida. and we went it was great, I always cry because I think about the end of the mission and don´t want to leave. But anyway we got back to the apartment at like 10:30. and super tired we went to sleep. BUT I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SEND THE MESSAGE THAT WE GOT HOME TO THE LIDER DE DISTRICTO. because it wasn´t a normal night, so it slipped my mind. and we went to sleep. but I couldn´t sleep. I was tossing and turning. but I couldn´t fall asleep. and I thought "Why can´t I sleep?" and I heard the door bell buzz. and I thought "what in the world..? who is ringing the doorbell at this hour?" and my first thought was this crazy investigator that we met and I got scared that he knows where we live. and I thought I´m not going to answer. and then I heard very faintly the cellphone vibrating in the other room. and I realized that we had left it on the kitchen table. and I went to see what was up. it was 12am. and we had 40 MISSED CALLS AND A MILLION MESSAGES. from the bishop, from all the members, mission leader, converts, from our leaders de zona, district, the other hermanas. and I thought NOOOOO I FORGOT TO SEND THAT WE GOT HOME. everyone thought that something had happened and were crazyyyy. the bishop was outside ringing our doorbell at midnight to see if we were okay. and I felt so bad. but its good to know that we have tight security here. But it was a miracle that I couldn´t sleep because I would have never heard the doorbell or the phone vibrating.

Hermana Jacques-My new companion. I´m going to finish her training. Man, I've heard such CRAZY CRAZY stories about her. how she always has so much attitude, how the teachers in the MTC would get mad a her. In the meeting of new missionaries, President asked everyone to say what they have learned in their first 2 weeks in the mission (I was there with Hermana Ramos). everyone said beautiful things really spiritual and deep. and hermana Jacques stood up and said "I learned that Pday is really short" and I thought noooooooooo, I can´t believe we´re companions, hahahha, but she is sooooo funny. Its going to be awesome.

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