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Saturday, October 31, 2015

God Works Miracles

October 26, 2015

THIS WEEK was great. so many lessons. two baptisms! finally!! and 6 investigators in the church.

AWWWWWW, it melts my heart that you are praying for the investigators. I love them so much.  OKAY I´LL GIVE YOU THE UPDATE

Greimy (22) - se bautizó!!!!! it was so beautiful. Her brother and sister in law are less actives and they came. and they were all so so happy. and Diego, oh man I was so worried about him, but he passed the interview and se bautizó también! 

Gaston Orozco (19) - He is reading the book of mormon. We taught him Word of Wisdom, no problems. and we brought a recently returned missionary (21) and they became good friends. Gaston played soccer with the young adults. the bishop sent him a text message and asked him if he could play the piano Sunday. and the bishop is going to his house to visit him this Wednesday. We gave him a himnario so he can start practicing. and he came to church Sunday and stayed for the other baptisms. We asked him if he was going to be baptized next sunday and he said no. that he wants to wait until december.  and I told him that we don´t pressure people who aren´t ready to be baptized. but I know that he is prepared. I have prayed about it, about him and about his date. because if it is not the will of God I´m not going to do it. But that I have felt strongly that he is already keeping the commandments, and willing to take upon the name of Christ and that this sunday is right. I asked if he felt like he was prepared to be baptized and he said yes. so we said "pray about this sunday." and he said he would. so yeah, I´m praying that he recieves his answer.

Javier and his cousin who is member fasted together that his mom would soften her heart. and he told us that he thinks she is starting to change!!

We met another kid Nicolas (14) but he is so dang smart and responsible. Seems like he is 23. he came to the appointment right on time, and called us and is very professional. We taught him the restauracion and he understood everything. It was in the house of a family of members. and he accepted bautismal, but not a specific date. We invited him to church and he said that he can´t go. But we explained imagine your life with the help of God who knows everything, is all powerful, and can guide you for the best path possible. Because alone, you can learn alot have a lot of success and be happy. But God knows what is best. and we invited him to try it and see if what we said was true, so he said "okay, i´ll go Sunday" YEAH!!!! and he came and he LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. got a long with the youth. he said he had to leave early but stayed the whole time!

We are working with a lot of youth. because the majority of the referrals come from the youth. the majority of people who do missionary work is the youth. But this week I really want to find a family, or people older and more mature that can be a real strength for the ward in Versalles. I love the people here so much. I love being a missionary. I know that God works miracles. and I am so proud of my family that all you are such strong faithful disciples.

Keep it up <3<3
Hermana Haight

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