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Monday, August 8, 2016

The Work of the Lord Never Stops

August 1, 2016

THIS WEEK WAS SO full of miracles.

So much funny stuff too.
So, we were in the house of a member. and she asks Do you like drinkable yogurt_ and we say YES OF COURSE. so she pours us to great big glasses and puts them in front of us.  Ohh how delicious.. -I take a swig- and think it tastes kind of weird.. I think its gone bad and put it down on the table. hahahah meanwhile my companion is chugging away. she takes another gulp and then the member says HERMANAS DON`T DRINK THAT. My companion says Too late. She looks at the date: July 3. hahahaha. hermana collado already finished half the glass. and she said I was wondering what flavor it was.. hahahahahhahaha. we had a great laugh. Her stomach hurt the next day, but now its fine.

I don`t know if I told you guys about Yenica. She is an eternal investigator that doesn`t keep her commitments. But is such a great person and her sister is member and reactivated recently. Since december the hermanas have been visiting her off and on. We watched the Joseph Smith video with their two families and almost everyone was crying and Yenica said ´I would like to be able to believe this`. BELIEVE IT. and I thought well, I don`t know what else we could possibly do. so we said okay let her go. Thats the back story. and anyway sunday SHE COMES WALTZIN ON IN THE SACRAMENT MEETING WITH HER NINE YEAR OLD SON. whaaaaaaaat. This is the first time she has ever come to church. what a MIRACLE.

Also, a member brought her cousin and we got to ride in the back of the truck of the stake patriarch, who brought us, the member, the cousin, and another investigator to church and his wife and daughter in law. woo hoo.

It was raining a ton, and in lunch my companion starting raising her arms like the conductor of the choir when its starts getting louder. and it STARTED RAINING EVEN HARDER. ahahah. we told her STOP nooo. there`s lightning too. the members are like satan they all want us to stay inside and not do missionary work. but we told them NO. THE WORK OF THE LORD NEVER STOPS.

anyway. Love you guys lots.
Nos veremos pronto
Hermana Haight

and the district


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