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Monday, August 8, 2016

Stand In Holy Places

July 18, 2016

wow. I cannot even imagine swimming right now. I am so dang cold. Even right now in the little internet place my hands are so cold.
my companion is so cool. I love her. Shes sooooooo funny. we are just laughing all the time, and she has so much faith. we`ve seen so many miracles this week! In the nights its hard to sleep on time because we just talk alllllllllll night long.
weird things happen too. Just yesterday there was a couple who where yelling at each other in the street (like they do in the dramatic latino TV shows) and the lady yelled "NO I`M NOT GOING WITH YOU" and left her baby in the stroller right there on the sidewalk of a big street and starting running away. and this guy was like "Look at the way she treats my baby! Shes crazy. Can you take care of the baby?" and he ran across the street after her. they were like "YOU ALWAYS DO THIS" and well she wasn`t running very fast so he caught up to her. and grabbed her jacket, and she was screaming and took her jacket off. There were a ton of people there too. and they started yelling "LEAVE HER ALONE" and anyway, then the bus came so I didn`t get to see the end! but that was exciting and weird. The people these days..
Then we got off the bus and we going to the lunch appointment and there was a youth sitting on the curb, crying. It was right in the entrance of the villa (dangerous part of town). And I saw him, and I just couldn`t leave. and when we went over to talk to him he was crying really hard and like desperate. His hands were shaking so much, he didn`t have control (drugs). He told us he didn`t want to live. When we stopped other people started to come and said "what, did he get robbed?" or "Did he come from the villa?" all these things that happen all too frequently and that is the first thing that they think.
a couple weeks ago, an investigator came to church (not in my ward) and stayed the three hours and after everyone left pulled out a gun and robbed the bishop.
now that I write this it seems kinda bad. but the point I want to make is that the world is sick. There are so much things that shouldn`t be happening. Satan has great power over the children of men. Where can one find refuge?
I also saw a police man beat up a homeless man for no evident reason. Is there a safe place in the world?
We talk to these people all day long and they are scared, they see the world as bad, they don`t want these things to happen. And we have the answer. Stand in Holy places! Establish Zion in your home and in your heart! Repent and find relief in the promises of the Lord. He will never leave you alone. It doesn`t have to be like this.
I just wish they could see that..

Anyway, don`t worry about my safety. if anything you can pray for the Elders. haha. but we have a ton of possibilities! One is 15 year old Claudio, his older sister (24) is super activa and other familiares are members too. It was really such a miracle! Saturday night the last hour of the day and we didn`t know where to go. But the Lord led us to CLAUDIO. His older sister has been really aprehensive because she always tells us that her parents don`t like it. But as we were talking to them in the door, the dad came back from walking the dog and said "Why don`t you let them come in? Its cold outside!!" YESSSSSS. so we were able to teach lesson 1. It was fantastic, with a kneeling prayer in the end. Claudio came to church the next day and even stayed for the baptism after the meetings! He`s pretty shy but he said that he liked it. We are going to see if we can have the chance to talk to his mom this week.

my beautiful companion!

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