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Monday, August 8, 2016


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July 25, 2016

 This week has been so milagrosa! honestly it was a little bit hard. We were tried and tested, and there was a big temptation to get discouraged when we couldn`t see Claudio (I) at all this week because his mom (MA) doesn`t want him to get confused, so she doesn`t want him to listen to us. One night at 8:40 I was feeling a bit of frustration because nothing was working out. I told my companion how I felt and she said she felt the same and suggested that we say a prayer. Claudio came to both our minds. so we decided to go with the little time left of the day. IT WAS A MIRACLE. HIS MOM ANSWERED THE DOOR. In all my time in Chacabuco I have never met his mom. and the next day Claudio came to church with his sister. He is really excited and he is going to ask his mom if he can listen to us, now that she knows us it will be a lot better I hope.

We visited a less active family this week. The dad was in the Bishopric in Paraguay but they inactivated. He came to church sunday with his family!!!!!! he asked us who the bishop was, and when we pointed him out, he went up to introduce himself and said "I would love to have an interview with you!" It made me sooooooo happy to hear that.

Other super miracle, NELCY and her son EMANUEL came to church! earlier this week she refused to sign the permission form so that her son could be baptized (her older son is member but she isn`t, neither the younger). She told us that the church is boring. But when she came yesterday she LOVED IT. she said she especially liked the music and that they are coming back next week. WOWOWOW!!!!!!!

God is so merciful! I can`t believe all the miracles we are seeing. He is preparing so many people!

el obelisco!
Hermana Collado is so funny! she opened the door to our apartment building and there was a girl walking by and she thought that she was going to enter. so she asked "Do you want to go in?" and the lady said no, and kept walking.
hahahah I was laughing so much that she is invited random people from the street in our apartment

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