Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Week

August 17, 2016

Well, this is it.

The last letter. as Hermana Haight in Buenos Aires.The last week being an official representative of the Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días. Of having the mantel, having the purpose, the power and authority to baptize. I remember a year ago showering in a cold bucket of water in winter and thinking about wanting so bad to be home. Now I think about home, but I don`t want to go. haha Its funny how time goes by so fast. And weird how much we can change and learn.Y bueno. You will just see for yourselves the changes in me. God has been so merciful. So paciente with me. 

THE MIRACLES CONTINUE. Etson is going to be baptized Saturday!! We also have a baptismal date for the Family Alvarez! (the mom is less active, her husband and three kids aren`t members) two of them are preparing for the 3 of September. Also there are two more señoras who aren`t married but came to church. THEY LOVED IT. one of them said next week she is going to bring her boyfriend and their 13 year old son. The other lady brought her 10yr son who LOVES PRIMARY. Miguel is a really tough one though. He came to church sunday and already has all the lessons and all the attendance and his whole family is members, but he just doesn`t want to put a date.

BUT THERE IS SO MUCH HAPPENING, we are sooooo busy, I LOVE IT. I know that Chacabuco is about to explode with a ton of baptisms! i`m so excited.

Etson told us last week "I don`t have a goal. my brother wanted to be on the soccer team of some club, and he got in. My dad had a goal to work for some company and he did it." and so we told him the best goal he could put would be an eternal family in the temple and teach his children the gospel.    Then Sunday at church we were with the other youth (his church friends) and I asked etson "did you already tell them?" "about what?"  "the decision that you made!" I said (thinking about baptism Saturday).  and he said "Oh, yes. I decided that I want to become an hermano and go the temple and have a family and follow God."   AWWWWWWWW. and the other YSA were like "wow. thats a great goal" it was so sweet.

Y así es. Anyway. Its been a real adventura. I love Argentina. I love not eating vegetables. haha. I love dog poop in every block and the camping bathrooms. I love that everyone tells us not to be out this hour because its dangerous. I love the people. I love the loving culture and the feeling a family. That when you get to church you go to every single person and give them a kiss. Ï love the Gospel. and how it works for everyone! I love my God and my Savior and everything they have done for me. Estamos en la verdad, y cada día me confirme más esto. Yo sé todo eso y estoy animada verles pronto :)

Con mucho amor
Hermana Haight


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