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Monday, August 8, 2016

The Bomba

July 12, 2016

Well, Hermana Gonzalez is off to Perú.

This week was so great. We discovered a new game its called "THE BOMBA" Little Gabriel showed us. its basically like hot potato, and you count backwards from 10, and whoever has the ball of socks when we reach 0 loses. So we have been playing it in almost all of our appointments now. and it is magical! there was a family of members that didn´t really like the missionaries so much and we played it with them and THEY TOTALLY LOVED IT. and there is another family that has a son who isn´t baptized and when we played the bomba with them the kids loved it.  it was so funny.

Sunday we had four people who were coming to church. and in the morning we went to their houses and one by one they all canceled, or weren´t home! and I thought nooooooo! so I said a prayer telling God that I just wanted to help the people who needed help right now. When we showed up to church, there was a man who came all by himself that the members (who are so awesome) already taught lesson 1 and gave him a baptismal date! WHAT A MIRACLE.

ohh. another miracle. so the familia Suarez came from Perú two months ago. and Harold the 13year old son loves cats, but he had to leave his cats in Perú. we asked his mom if we could give them a cat. she said yes. and just yesterday we were visiting a part member family who the 9 year old son is SO EXCITED. (i don´t look to baptize only the niños, but this is God´s work and whatever He needs we will do) and right then the family was trying to return a two month old kitten, that they couldn´t keep anymore. So we were able to teach  A GREAT lesson with them, they committed to come to church Sunday, and they gave us the kitten. We named it Moroni and gave it to Harold. i´ll send you some pictures

i´m so excited for this transfer with Hermana Collado! I know that the Lord has so many things prepared for us! I love Chacabuco. and I love the mission!

Keep hanging in there. I admire each one of you. I know that God has a plan. He tries our faith, but in Conference they said that in the end everything works out. and if he isn´t working out it´s because it´s not the end yet.

I love you
Hermana Haight


This is the first day of my LAST TRANSFER. AHHHH.
42 days left of mission.
MY COMPANION IS FROM SPAIN. HERMANA COLLADO. she is totally great. with a ton of energy and super funny. Honestly, its a tender mercy from God,I had been praying alot for my next companion.

Mi nueva compi
Hermana Collado
tiene 9 meses en la misión. (she came with Hermana Ritchie from the MTC)
is super fun, and energetic! and is going to be a great sister training leader!

Awwww, goodbye to Hermana Carter! A great missionary
She told me she is coming to my homecoming!

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